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Manual Filling

Lean Manufacturing in Powder Processing

Manual IBC Filling

IBC Fill Lid

IBC Fill Head

To fill an IBC from a process above is less of a challenge than to discharge the same in simplistic terms. The product drop by gravity and risk of process stop is minimal as long as diameters are kept generous. There are however other "risks" to consider when filling an IBC such as:

  • Venting – to ensure no pressure build-up, potentially damaging the IBC or operator.
  • Weighing – in case a recipe or other specific amount is being collected.
  • Dust escape – especially when disconnecting the IBC.
  • Segregation risk during the free fall – which is often overlooked in mixing applications.
Gentle let down chute

Gentle Let Down Chute


A Matcon standard IBC Fill Head goes a long way to addressing these challenges. The manually operated unit has been designed for ease of cleaning. Cylinder actuated versions are also available but are rarely used as the benefit is limited (see more).


To prevent the risk of segregation, a Matcon IBC Fill Head can be combined with a special "gentle let-down chute", greatly reducing the velocity of the product being fed to the IBC, in turn reducing the risk of segregation. The same system is also suitable for use with fragile particulates such as tablets to avoid breakage.