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Containment-Filling and Discharge

High Containment Discharge Station with Clean in Place

High Containment Discharge Station

Containment – Filling and Discharge

Matcon Systems have a reputation of being "dust free" across the different process industries. However, "dust free" is a subjective term and what may be excellent in one industry could be a total disaster in another. A key benefit of Matcon technology is that the core working principal stays the same whether it is used in a delicate pharmaceutical production or at a North Sea Oil rig. The equipment is made "fit for purpose" based on the specification that is selected. This also applies to "containment projects" Matcon get involved in within the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.


The core technology, using alpha/beta closed couplings for filling and discharge, is generally suitable for levels <1mg, but >100µg TWA (time weighted average), based on 5-10 makes and breaks per shift. Standard optional features bring this level to 10µg – 100µg/m³ by using "air-wash" technology before connections are disengaged and following sensible operator procedures.


If yet stricter levels are required; 1µg – 10µg, then it is no longer viable to use conventional fork trucks to load/unload IBCs; more accurate "Pillar Lifts" need to be employed. These lifts totally remove the need for operator involvement during the IBC docking/undocking sequence. Although, at component level, it is the same cone valve and ADU technology working to these extreme levels of containment.