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Renewable Energy, Chemical & Plastic Industries

Matcon have been supplying equipment to many large worldwide Chemical Corporations including BASF, Bayer, CIBA and DSM for 30 years. Originally, a supplier of efficient Silo Discharge devices for large silos handling high volumes of single products, our business has evolved together with these companies, who strive to develop huge product portfolios of high value, diversified speciality ingredients and intermediates, which in turn help to solve the most important challenges facing mankind such as energy that does not affect global warming and safe food supply to the growing population.



Matcon IBC System providing a controlled feed to a brake lining press, ensuring contained refilling and no segregation
Matcon IBC System providing a controlled feed to a brake lining press, ensuring contained refilling and no segregation


Matcon’s IBC solutions are widely used within the most diversified range of production applications for a number of different reasons such as:

  • Automatic, dust-free powder handling. Solar power and lithium Ion batteries help the global environment by reducing carbon emissions, but can be potentially dangerous for operators during critical process steps.
  • Flexible Manufacturing methods. It is no longer economically viable to build processing lines for a single product. Trends and technology are constantly changing and so will the requirement for the chemical process line.
  • Reduced building cost. Matcon Systems provide a dust free method to break the process chain so it is no longer vital to build “tower design”, which in some instances can result in ridiculously tall and expensive buildings.
  • Reduced labour. Particularly for tedious and un-ergonomic tasks
  • In-bin blending. This is particularly advantageous for multi-purpose process lines, especially with multiple process trains running different products. A single Container Mixer can be used to homogenise the final product from all lines. The mixed Container then provides a perfect re-fill solution to final packing or extrusion lines.
  • No segregation. The cone valve promotes mass-flow, which is a vital benefit for some of the applications mentioned above i.e. high purity silica used for producing solar panels.
  • Proven ability to handle high density and abrasive powders

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