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Metal Powders & Friction Materials

Metal Powder and Friction Material Processing

Matcon Cone Valve technology has been installed extensively in plants worldwide handling the most challenging  powders and fibres in very rugged environments.

Despite the very industrial, heavy duty nature of these plants, the end product is commonly used in extreme high tech environments such as aerospace, solar power, electronics or medical services. Guaranteed durability and quality can, in some cases, make the difference between life and death for human beings – Matcon are naturally very proud to form an essential part in the process chain for such vital manufacturing.


There is no doubt that the most important contribution that our Cone Valve solution offers to this field is the prevention of segregation, which in turn assures quality throughout a batch between processes. The ability to press a brake pad or sinter a metal component to exact requirements is dependent upon having identical recipe components each and every time. Matcon can help you achieve this more effectively than any other handling solution.


Another major challenge within this field is the very difficult flowing nature of many ultra-fine metal and fibrous friction materials, with processors often choosing to manually handle (scoop!) the product.  As well as being very inefficient, it is also difficult to quality control and the risk of dust exposure and ergonomic issues are always present.


The Matcon Cone Valve has proven time after time to overcome flow issues which other systems simply cannot. Full scale testing is available to prove the functionality in all regards prior to plant implementation.


Matcon’s IBC solutions have been implemented in the processing of friction products, hard metal, iron, steel and aluminium, and precious metal recovery, providing:

    1. Automatic, dust-free powder handling (meeting REACH-legislations)
    2. Reduced labour, particularly for tedious and un-ergonomic tasks
    3. In-bin blending
    4. No segregation
    5. The ability to accurately dose direct from IBC
    6. Proven to handle high density, ultra fine (nano) and abrasive powders

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