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Pharmaceutical / Nutraceutical Process Equipment Overview

Coperion K-Tron manufactures a wide variety of solids and liquid feeders and pneumatic conveying equipment specific to the pharmaceutical industry. Within the pharmaceutical processing industry, Coperion K-Tron has developed several process automation applications and systems including pharmaceutical extrusion, tablet press lubrication, milling and micronization of pharmaceutical powders and pharmaceutical dispensing applications.

Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Process Equipment

Pharmaceutical designs are all engineered to meet the rigid requirements of the industry, including cGMP standards as well as the use of FDA approved/certified materials of construction. All units are designed specifically with cleaning requirements, ease of disassembly and maintenance, and required containment levels in mind.  Options available include systems integration for both batch and continuous processing, containment designs, and CIP /rinse in place designs. Coperion K-Tron's experienced technical engineers are available to discuss your process requirements in detail and recommend specific design options to optimize your process, both in feed accuracy as well as process quality. 

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NEW! MT16 Micro-ingredient Feeder
The low rate, Micro-ingredient Feeder line has been expanded to include interchangeable MT12mm and MT16mm twin screw feeding modules or MS12mm and MS16mm single screw feeder modules. Overall feed rate capacity is from 0.02 dm³ / hr. to 27 dm³ / hr. 

The new Micro-ingredient Feeder is ideal for applications feeding high value / high cost additives in any food, pharmaceutical, plastics and chemical process that require second to second performance with a high degree of accuracy. The interchangeable twin to single screw feed modules provides versatility to handle a broad range of materials from powders to granular.

The unit has a smaller overall profile and footprint allowing for closer discharge dimensions, and is ideal for multi-ingredient cluster arrangements. The design also allows for extended screw profiles. The unit is easy to take apart, clean and maintain with a totally enclosed weight sensor and drive motor with improved higher torque for handling difficult materials.  Download Flyer


Pharmaceutical Process Equipment Overview

Twin Screw  Volumetric Feeders

Materials Fed: Twin screw volumetric feeders handle more difficult materials such as pigments, and sticky, bridging or flooding powders.

Model Low feed rate High feed rate
  dm3/hr ft3/hr dm3/hr ft3/hr


0.12 0.004 200 7.1


1.2 0.04 2041 72.1

Twin Screw Loss-in-Weight Models

Materials Fed: Twin screw loss-in-weight feeders handle pigments, and sticky, bridging or flooding powders.

Model Low feed rate High feed rate
  dm3/hr ft3/hr dm3/hr ft3/hr


0.12 0.004 180 6.4


1.4 0.05 1840 65

Twin Screw Micro-ingredient Feeder

Materials Fed: Gravimetric feeding of free flowing to difficult powders (e.g. lumpy, moist, or bridge building materials).

Model Low feed rate High feed rate
  dm3/hr ft3/hr dm3/hr ft3/hr






Both loss-in-weight and volumetric feeder models are available for continuous or batch operation.

Learn more: Download Microfeeder Info Flier

Liquid Loss-in-Weight Feeder Models

Liquid loss-in-weight feed rates are dependent on tank size, scale size and selected metering device.

Depending on controller type employed, K-Tron's liquid loss-in-weight feeders provide accurate continuous gravimetric flow control of liquids (feeder), or provide precise batch delivery (batcher).

Units include Coperiopn K-Tron's exclusive patented Smart Force Transducer (SFT) weighing technologyThe complete liquid loss-in-weight system (feeder, scale, pump, piping) is available in special skid mounted designs which are completely portable for movement throughout the plant. Coperion K-Tron Systems Group specializes in designing and integrating both liquid and powder loss-in-weight systems for applications such as extrusion. 

Central Powder Receivers: P-Series (Sanitary)

 Maximum batch conveying rates:  Rates dependent on specific application. Continuous conveying rates are higher. Units meet strict sanitary requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

Model Typical Products Typical Application Maximum Conveying rate
      kg/hr lb/hr

P10 filtered

powder/fragile products Food, Pharma 600 1,300

P30 filtered

powder/fragile products Food, Pharma 1,800 4,000

P100 filtered

powder/fragile products Food, Pharma 4,000 8,800

How Vacuum Conveying Works

Twin Screw  Volumetric Feeders

Loss In Weight Pharmaceutical Feeders


Liquid Loss In Weight Feeder


Central Powder Receivers

Validation Documentation  

Coperion K-Tron can also provide an extensive array of validation documentation including FRS, HRS, DDS, IQ, OQ, FAT and SAT protocols, dependent upon the customer’s requirements. Controls options are available to meet 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

Systems Engineering Support

Coperion K-Tron's Systems Engineering Group specializes in supplying detailed systems focused on process ingredient feeding. Typical process applications include feeders and pneumatic / vacuum conveyors for active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), bulk pharmaceutical ingredients (BPI), excipients and nutraceuticals for milling/micronization, pharmaceutical extrusion, granulation, blending and tableting operations. When you require quality, consistency and control in your process, look to Coperion K-Tron for single source systems engineering. As the world's leading feeder company, Coperion K-Tron is able to focus on what many engineers call the hardest part of the process, "the art and science" of getting material into the process so you can focus on the process itself. Systems Engineering

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